About Me

Since graduating with a BSc in Zoology from the University of Bristol I have worked alongside leading academics for major broadcasters around the world, in the production of both natural history television documentaries and feature films.


In doing so I have travelled across much of Sub-Saharan Africa, South America and Europe. I have worked on a wide range of projects from 65mm IMAX feature films to digital 3D television series, both presenter-led and blue-chip natural history films, as well as those using the very latest photoreal CGI technologies.


Most recently I have worked on Colossus Productions’ landmark series Galapagos 3D with David Attenborough and David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive 3D. For the latter, I researched and wrote a 15,000-word book to accompany the series, entitled The Stories Behind the Museum’s Great Extinct Creatures. 








  Brook Lapping - ‘The Secret Life of Puppies: Terrible Teens’

  8 x 45 minutes Channel 5


AP across an 8 part series following a group of puppies from birth until their teens. Overseeing the casting process, developing stories, single-camera directing on location around the UK, and edit producing one episode.


  3D IMAX Feature Film, ‘Amazon Adventure’

Associate Producer

A dramatised historical feature film telling the story of the life of the 19th century naturalist and collector Henry Bates. Working with the art department and NHM to ensure scientific accuracy, insect wrangling, initial location scouting, drawing up crew contracts, co-ordinating a complex VFX slate.


Atlantic Productions - 'The Great Reef with David Attenborough’
3 x 60 minutes BBC1
Associate Producer

Working across a three part series in which David Attenborough re-visits Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – exploring this natural wonder as never before. Building narratives, script writing and edit producing sequences. 


Renegade Pictures - 'Cloning the Woolly Mammoth’
1 x 90 minutes Channel 4/Smithsonian
Assistant Producer

Sourcing contributors, liaising with expert scientists worldwide and setting up filming in laboratories across the USA and South Korea for a documentary on the science of de-extinction and re-wilding. 


Colossus Productions - 'David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive'
1 x 90mins Sky 3D
Associate Producer
For one night David Attenborough has the Natural History Museum in London to himself as he witnesses his favourite extinct creatures as they were in life - using the very latest photoreal CGI.  Shot in 4k 3D for television and IMAX.  Scheduling and coordinating multiple crews, cast and CGI houses using movie magic.  Liaising with with scientists around the world to ensure our CGI creatures were as accurate as could be. Wrote and produced a 15,000 word book to accompany the series entitled 'The Stories Behind the Museum's Great Extinct Creatures'.


Colossus Productions - 'Galapagos 3D with Sir David Attenborough'   
3 x 50mins Sky 3D
Specialist Researcher

An epic and groundbreaking series exploring the factors and conditions that created such a unique collection of wildlife in the Galapagos Islands.  Shot in 4K 3D for television and IMAX and presented by David Attenborough.  Responsible for the series research and story development, finding and liaising with contributors, building relationships with local organisations in the Galapagos, setting up a complex multi-unit shoot, assistant to specialist 3D timelapse unit and publicity photography.


ITV Wild - 'Ray Mears Wild Britain 2'      
9 x 30mins ITV1
Associate Producer
Following Ray Mears as he explores nine different U.K. habitats, from the wildlife that exists in them to the people who work to conserve them.  Working across the initial research, sourcing contributors and locations and assisting the director on location.


BBC Natural History Unit - ‘Decade of Discovery’      
1 x 60mins BBC2
Researching the greatest species discoveries of the last decade.  Setting up shoots, liaising with contributors and scientists.  Assisting on location filming the discovery of a new species of Lemur in Madagascar as well as a giant sengi in the Udzungwa Mountains in Tanzania.  Completing production   risk assessments and sourcing archive footage. 


Henry Cole Associates - 'Men Brewing Badly'
5 x 50mins ITV4

Utilising my knowledge and contacts in Africa to create a compelling route for Neil Morrissey and Foxy to drive from Dar es Salaam to Johannesburg for the start of the football World Cup.  Setting up shoots, finding contributors, facilitating filming permits, visas, import permits througout Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa.


Parthenon Entertainment - 'Wild Russia' 
6 x 50mins Animal Planet US, National Geographic Int

Blue chip series on the diverse and previously unseen Wildlife of Russia. 
In depth research and fact finding, liaising with scientists and experts, developing stories, annotating scripts.


Sycamore Productions - 'Voyage of Time'
TX 2016 IMAX feature film
Field/Camera Assitant

Wildlife sequences for an IMAX feature film, directed by Terrence
Malick and filmed by Mark Deeble. Camera assisting, wildlife scouting, location recce, set building, animal husbandry and downloading and loading 65mm IMAX film on location in Northern Kenya.

DeebleStone Films - 'Distant Thunder'
Digital 3D Feature film 
Researcher/Production assistant

Working with Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone, on a groundbreaking 3D feature length natural history film.  Roles included researching elephant behaviour and African ecology as well as developing a complete knowledge of the digital 3D technology.  I also lead a two-month recce in Mozambique habituating traumatised elephants, collecting data in the form of photos, GPS coordinates and video, which I edited (FCP) in the field.


Barron Productions - 'Unearthed 2: Film School Wild'
Animal Planet Int
Competition Finalist

One of 4 finalists picked from thousands of applications around the world.  4 weeks spent filming, script writing, sound recording and directing wildlife films in South Africa.  Film subjects include the white lions of Sanborna, a Born Free captive lion release, an elephant relocation, a film    about the Bushmen of South Africa, great white sharks, and undercover filming.  An intensive, high-pressure course in wildlife filmmaking, culminating with the direction of a short wildlife film called a Thorny Feast.




University of Bristol (2002-2005)
B. Sc. in Zoology (2.1 Hons)


Specialised in animal communication; particular emphasis on intra and inter-specific communication in large mammals, and the methods through which this occurs. Most notably the use of infrasonic and seismic waves as a form of communication in elephants.  Additional focus on the Lepidoptera and the function and effectiveness of an ‘eyespot’ as a predator deterrent, published work: 


Stevens, M., Hopkins, E., Hinde, W., Adcock, A., Connelly, Y., Troscianko, T. and Cuthill, I.C. 2007. Field experiments on the effectiveness of 'eyespots' as predator deterrents. Animal Behaviour, 2007, 74, 1215-1227.


Godolphin and Latymer School, London

A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and History of Art


Key Skills


Single camera directing

Working with presenters

Animal wrangling

Location stills photography

Coordinating complex shoots

Editing with FCP

EX1, EX3, XF305, 5D & Z1 operation

Loading and downloading 35mm and 65mm IMAX film

PADI Open Water SCUBA Diving certified

Canadian Ski Instructor (CSIA)


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In 2008 I appeared in an Animal Planet Series called Unearthed: Film School Wild.  Here is some of the accomanying press: